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The company, which regulates its policy regarding product diversity and quality in line with the demands and needs of its customers, adds the production of auto care products to its structure, develops its production and marketing network day by day with filling lines, machines and other equipment suitable for today’s technology and continues to serve in the sector.

In addition to the production with two brands, we also work with many leading companies in their sector on a contract basis. The company, which started aerosol filling in its second factory opened in 2018 after a long infrastructure work, has expanded its place in the market by increasing its product range.

Our company has accepted the principle of quality and best service in all its productions. Our company has adopted the principle of being a brand that can meet the expectations of the customers and to offer products that comply with the standards by employing qualified personnel and keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. Under the leadership of the R&D department, it produces solutions to all kinds of problems with qualified engineers and personnel and moves rapidly towards its goals with the excitement of the first day.

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