Car Wash Tips

As with house cleaning, there are points that you should pay attention to when washing the car. Here are some details to consider during the car wash phase:

Washing your car during the day when the sun is at a right angle can leave marks on the vehicle. For this reason, you should prefer morning or evening hours to clean your car.
You should make sure that the cleaning products you will use are suitable for vehicle cleaning. Otherwise, scratches may occur on your vehicle, and the paint of your vehicle may be damaged. For example, you can choose soft sponges that do not have a hard surface for cleaning and a synthetic chamois yellow cloth for drying.
You should wash your vehicle with neither hot nor cold water. Warm water is best suited for car cleaning.If you do not have a suitable area to wash your car (garage, garden, etc.), it is a more suitable option to perform this process at car washes. Washing cars on the streets can cause environmental pollution.

How to Clean Car Exterior?
What should you do to clean your car, make it more attractive and not damage your car while doing this? Let’s start by listing the things you need to pay attention to in order to perform the exterior cleaning of your vehicle.You have traveled many kilometers‚Ķ As a matter of fact, your rims and wheels are quite dirty. First of all, you can start cleaning by draining the dirt on the rims and wheels.
Afterwards, you should wet your vehicle with a hose from top to bottom and drain the dirt. It is very important that you do this and the cleaning process from top to bottom, so that the cleaned points do not get dirty again.
Put enough car shampoo into the bucket containing clean water. Then start cleaning your car from top to bottom by making circular movements with a soft sponge that will not damage the car paint.
Wipe the windows and hood with a sponge.
Finally, wipe the rims and tires with a special brush and remove dirt.
Then rinse your vehicle with water with the hose.
If there are parts that remain dirty, you can clean them locally and rinse them with water.
After removing the excess water with the squeegee windshield wiper, you can dry the vehicle with a synthetic chamois cloth.
If your vehicle needs it, you can also polish it after completing the car cleaning steps.

How to Clean Car Interior?
You cleaned the outside of your car. Now it’s time to clean your car interior! Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow.

First, remove the products such as floor mats, seat covers (if any) in your vehicle. If you think that these products are dirty and shaking will not be enough, you can wash them.
Sweep the floors and seats of your vehicle with the vacuum cleaner.
Remove dust and clean the interior of the vehicle with the help of microfiber cloth and interior cleaning products. You can get help from windshield wipers while cleaning the windows.
Instead of using the products you use for sofa cleaning, home or car cleaning, you should choose a product and cloth suitable for the fabric type of your seat. Otherwise, you may damage the seat fabric. In the meantime, let’s note that if you are using seat covers, you do not need to constantly wipe your seats. Sweeping the seat well with a car vacuum may also be enough to get a clean seat.

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