How to Clean Wheels

The most contaminated parts of vehicles are wheels and tires. This is because it is close to the ground and easily exposed to all kinds of dirt from the road. Every time the brake is applied, the pads are worn, and the wear causes dust to appear. The dust and dirt in question are also collected on the tires and rims. Climatic changes such as rain or snow encountered along the way also cause dirt to stick to the surface more. It is very important that the wheels are polished and cleaned of dirt to make the vehicle look clean.

How to Clean Wheel Rim?

Bitumen, lining dust, mud, soil, oil stains and dirt on the asphalt cause the tires and rims to become dirty over time. Since the rims are the part of the car that is in contact with the ground the most, the pollution is equally intense here. It is more difficult to get rid of the dirt that has not been cleaned for a long time on the rim. For this reason, tires and rims should be cleaned at regular intervals.Various chemicals and dirt removers can be used for cleaning by obtaining them from the markets. Thanks to the shiny and clean-looking rims, it is noticed that the appearance of the vehicle has changed visibly.Before starting the cleaning of the wheels, they should be cleaned of dirt in general. Soapy water can be prepared for this purpose. It is also preferable to use car shampoos instead of soapy water.

First of all, the wheels are washed with soapy water. In this way, it is ensured that the wheels remain for 10 minutes. Then the rims are rubbed with a sponge. The wheels are completely free of foam with water. After the soapy water, the chemical called rim acid, which is produced only for rim cleaning, is applied to the rims with a dry cloth. The final stage of cleaning is thus completed. Before applying rim acid, it is necessary to make sure that the rims are completely free of soap and dry. Some people prefer to use soft soap instead of using soapy or chemical cleaners. Soft soap is an effective material for rims to have a brighter appearance.

How to Polish a Rim?

First of all, the wheels should be cleaned with the help of a hose and cleaned of dirt and rinsed and dried with a dry cloth. Wheel polish should be applied to the entire surface of the wheel that is free from dirt. After the rim polish dries, the entire rim is rubbed with the help of a rim brush. After this point, the most suitable polisher is selected for the rim that is ready to be polished. For this purpose, car shampoos containing shine, special rim polishers, cleaning sprays can be used. These materials can be purchased from construction stores.

What are the Points to Consider in Wheel Cleaning?

The vehicle should be washed once a month, the rims should be cleaned and polished so that the dirt does not stick and become permanent. Care should be taken to ensure that the sponge and brush used for cleaning the rim are soft. Otherwise, the rim surface may be scratched. For this purpose, a special rim brush should be preferred. If a rim brush cannot be found, it is also appropriate to use an oil paint brush. The materials used for cleaning the wheels should be carefully selected. The rim surface can be damaged by abrasion due to ingredients such as cola, dishwashing detergent, salt spirit or kerosene, which are mostly used. For this reason, products specially produced for rim cleaning should be preferred.

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