Simple Wheel Cleaning in 6 Steps

The wheels of your car will definitely be damaged depending on your use. Dirt, rubbish and lining dust stick on the rim and if not cleaned regularly, it becomes more difficult to get rid of these dirt over time. It’s easier than you think to clean your wheels from dirt with these easy-to-use wheel cleaners!

1. Choose the right cleaner

First of all, you should get a cleaner suitable for the rim type of your car. Wheels are usually aluminum alloys, but your car may also have chrome-plated or sheet metal wheels. There are cleaners available for all wheel types, but you may need to purchase special cleaners for some materials. For example, if you have chrome-plated wheels, you should get cleaners made for chrome. In addition, some cleaning products can be used for both rim and tire cleaning. Vavaplus Wheel Cleaner is perfect for cleaning your wheels.It removes oil stains and powder lining on steel and aluminum rim surface and make them like the first days appearance protects affectively against pollution.

2. Start cleaning by rinsing your wheels

The first step in rim cleaning is to thoroughly rinse the rims with water. You can do this with a simple garden hose, or you can use the hoses of car washes to get rid of some of the dirt with just water. Wheel cleaners are designed for use on wet surfaces. A pressurized hose will remove some of the dirt from your wheels, but a normal hose will also get your wheels ready to apply the cleaner.

3. Apply rim cleaner

Apply the cleaner you purchased to your dirty wheels, taking into account the recommendations written on it. Simply spray the cleaner evenly all over the rim. Don’t forget to clean the wheel bolts and bolt slots as well. If you bought a product that cleans both rims and tires, you can also apply it to your tires. Avoid heavy application of the cleaner and avoid contact with the paintwork of your car; chemicals can damage the paint and the varnish layer on it.

4. Take a break

Allow the cleaner to sit on the rim for a few minutes. Thanks to the chemicals in their structure, this type of cleaners separates the dirt that sticks to the floor and has difficulty getting out. So you should wait for the cleaner to do its job for a while before rinsing, The longer you wait the better the results, but don’t wait until the rim cleaner dries!

6. Rinse again

After making sure that the dirt is completely removed, rinse your rim free of cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the gaps around the studs or some of the creases or gaps in the design of the rim. After the rim is completely rinsed, if there is still dirt that has not been removed and you cannot remove it with the help of a cloth, you can repeat the previous steps.

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